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HARP Austria, Jan.-July 2015: Vienna HARP has about 20 members. A HARP Committee of 4 elder 2nd gens is taking care of them.

There is a HARP Sunday Service 3 times a month. 1 time a month the HARPies participate in the adults‘Service.

The focus of education in the HARP education in the first half of the year was on:

Knowing God and True Parents, purity, traitions, character development, Internal guidance, applying the Divine Principle in daily life, testimonies from elder members.

The focus on character education was on learning to live for others.

In addition to that the HARP Committee organizes HARP meetings once a month. It included:

  • 3-Day workshop with the Slovakian HARP in Bratislava
  • Sports, games‘ afternoons
  • Developing baking and cooking skills
  • An evening with the Little Angels when they visited Vienna and supporting True Mother’s visit
  • Brothers‘ meeting/Sisters‘ meeting at a Parents‘ home
  • Joint activities with Vienna’s CARP members

Our plans for the autumn

  • Character education: to help the HARP members to become strong personalities with self confidence as a base to develop good realtionships to their parents and among themselves
  • To strengthen the HARP community in order to reach out to young 2nd gens who are distant
  • The HARP comitee members want to support the HARP members personally when they need help (to let them experience appreciation and support).
  • To develop an educational curriculum

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