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FFWPU USA, July 24, 2015: We’re so excited to hear the testimonies that are coming in about people practicing Tribal Messiahship in their day-to-day lives, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Have you felt God working in your life as you shared your faith? Do you have a recent story you’d like to share? Share your testimony through this easy form! Here are a few testimonies that came in this week:


Seiya Ogino, Detroit, Michigan

I went to Las Vegas for the Community Outreach part of my year on Generation Peace Academy (GPA), and I had a great experience witnessing at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) campus.

The goal of GPA and the local branch of Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) was to bring 10 guests to the grand opening of the International Peace Education Center (IPEC), and I really wanted to bring at least one guest. By the last week of witnessing, I was able to bring two guests to the Wednesday CARP discussion night, but I was still very far away from bringing a guest to the IPEC opening. So every day I went out on the front line and I prayed to find a “prepared” person, someone who was born and raised to become a Unificationist, someone who would hear the truth for the first time and their mind would explode with enlightenment and they would join the movement right away.

For the last week of witnessing, I tried extra hard to find “the one.” I would go up to college students and bombard them with questions: “Do you believe in God?” “What’s the purpose of life?” “What is true love?” And I would end every day feeling really miserable. People did not respond the way I wanted them to, and it became really frustrating. Finally, on the second to last day I gave up on my way of talking to people. Instead, I tried to enjoy talking with the students and have a bit more fun. Instantly people responded so well, and they opened up to me about their personal lives like never before and started to share their hearts with me.

That day I met John Buyung. He is, like, the coolest guy ever! His dream is to become a successful entrepreneur so he can save money to help the world. Months later, I still keep in touch with him. I learned that the only way to open someone’s heart is to open yours first.

Through my year on GPA, I have learned and re-learned that for anything to happen, give and take has to happen, and it’s up to us to start giving first. Read More Stories

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