USA Celebrates the Holy Marriage Blessing!

FFWPU USA: On Saturday, June 27, couples across the United States celebrated their existing marriage or dedicated their new relationship at the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Churches and event halls were decorated as friends and family rejoiced with the Blessing couples at the beginning of their Marriage Blessing journey. Enjoy these unique and beautiful Marriage Blessing stories from around the nation!

These were the first Marriage Blessing Ceremonies to take place on the local level with the officiating couple supported by True Mother and ordained by FFWPU-USA. These ceremonies were also the first of many that will occur every four months across the United States. The next momentous nationwide celebration will take place on October 3, 2015. Married couples of all backgrounds and faiths are welcome to join the empowering community of blessed couples!


Clifton, New Jersey

The Clifton Family Church and Elizabeth Family Church, two large Unificationist communities in New Jersey, joined together to celebrate the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of one local couple. Around 80 well-wishers came to the Clifton church to celebrate the Blessing and to welcome the couple to the community of Unificationist families.

The mistress of ceremonies, Andria Rogers Quesada, welcomed the guests, including the family members and several friends of the couple. Many of them never had been to a Unification church before.

The beautiful ceremony started with the choir leading the “Cheon Il Guk Anthem” and “Song of the Banquet,” followed by a procession of the attendees, the officiators and the Blessing couple. Miss Abigail Yashiro read beautiful passages about marriage and Blessing from the Holy Bible and Cheon Seong Gyeong.

The officiating couple, Pastor Manoj Jacob and Rani Jacob, sprinkled holy water over the couple and led them through the Blessing ceremony before proclaiming the Blessing. A heavenly spirit prevailed throughout the ceremony.

Masaaki Saito, a talented young Unificationist, performed Richard Rodgers’ “My Romance” on guitar to congratulate the couple, and Mrs. Olga Tobin gave an eloquent congratulatory speech. The ceremony concluded with three cheers of Eog Mansei led by Rev. Hitoshi Onishi.

The ceremony was followed by a celebration banquet and dance in the well decorated fellowship hall of the Clifton Family Church. The couple expressed their gratitude for the amazing support they have received since joining the community.

The ceremony kindled a new fire of excitement toward witnessing and tribal messiahship. Several local Unificationists expressed their gratitude to True Parents for opening up new avenues to bring the Blessing to everyone. The New Jersey Unificationist community is looking forward to the next Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Read More

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