Tribal Messiahship Inspirations

By FFWPU USA, July 17, 2015: Exciting things happen when we share our faith and expand our tribe, and we’re already getting proof of that through the testimonies that Unificationists from around the nation have shared. The following are just a few exciting stories that testify to the power of the Divine Principle, True Parents’ teachings and the Unificationist perspective in creating true and lasting friendships.


Victor Muleki, 22 – Dallas, TX

I was on the swim team in High School; that’s where I first met Melissa. I didn’t really know her that well; she was really quiet. We didn’t keep in touch much after we graduated, either, because I went to Generation Peace Academy (GPA) and then college in Maryland. But I heard that she started dating my good friend, so once in a while in the summers I would text her to see how she was doing.

This summer, I’m working at a swimming pool, and I ran into her there. I didn’t recognize her at first, but she said hi to me as I was walking by to take a break. We caught up for a bit, and I noticed she was reading a book. She told me it was the Bible. I was very surprised. It was one of those random scenarios that I’d heard about, but never experienced myself. So we started talking about our faith a little bit. She grew up Christian, but she never went to church consistently. And she felt like she was at a point in her life where she wanted to understand more about faith in general and deepen her relationship with God. So she started reading the Bible, but she hadn’t gotten very far when I met her at the pool!

Kind of on a whim, I told her, “Hey! You should come to my church.” I wasn’t thinking too much when I did that, but she agreed, and she went to church the day after the local Holy Marriage Blessing (June 28th). Reverend John Jackson gave a talk about the value of the Marriage Blessing, and I was nervous that it would make no sense to her at all. But after the service, we talked about my faith and the church a little bit more, and we discussed what we believe in. And I introduced her to Rev. Jackson and our local youth pastor.

The following week, I organized a Divine Principle study together with Mrs. Kimie Stana, a local Unificationist who is really good with guests. So we gathered a group of Melissa, myself, Mrs. Stana, and two more young people, and started reading the Divine Principle together.

Everything is still so new. She doesn’t seem like she has so many questions yet, even though she wants to deepen her faith. But as she studies the Divine Principle and the Bible, I think she will start to dig deeper. Read More

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