Treasure of Heaven Workshop 2015

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 By FFWPU Germany, Lisa Janssen, Neumühle, Bad Camberg, Germany, July 7-12, 2015: The third TOH workshop in Europe was held from July 7 – 12 in Camberg, Germany. There were 8 young adults participants, their parents and a wonderful staff of 1st and 2nd gen – a total of 38 brothers and sisters.

The 2nd gen staff buddied up with their TOH brothers and sisters and offered a joyful program with music, dancing, art (painting, clay sculpturing, crafting rainmakers etc.) and outdoor activities, while parents and 1st gen staff shared about their lives, joys, sorrows and hopes. We also discussed about the Blessing prospective and the future of our TOH children, and how our community could support their families.

The whole group joined together during breaks and mealtime, and during morning service an evening program.

There was a warm family atmosphere due to the unique structure of our workshops, where 1st and 2nd gen come together, learn about each other and get to appreciate each other. We are very impressed by the keen observations and suggestions of the young staff members, who brought in some new aspects for the activities and the spiritual guidance of their TOH buddies, which we’ll carry on in future workshops as well; for example, they invited each of their buddies individually to the prayer room, told them about True Parents visits to Camberg and the special meaning of this place, prayed together and had a short silent moment – and had prepared some treats on the altar to take along when leaving the prayer room.

We were so fortunate as to have some amazing musicians among us – for piano, flute, guitar, drum and more, which was quite a unique experience in itself. A campfire and family evening were highlights at the end of the workshop.

We want to express our special gratitude to all brothers and sisters and communities who supported the workshop financially, and to the Camberg house-staff and kitchen staff who put all their love into caring for our external and ‘internal’ wellbeing!

I would like to conclude this report with the words of a 2nd gen staff member, which reflect beautifully the deep impact of these days: “thanks from the bottom of my heart, this workshop was amazing. I have looked for and yearned for such a deep experience since three years, and I could finally open up my heart to God again. I am truly grateful for the experience, but also for all the realizations and the people I met. I am hopeful.”

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