Spain: Summer Harp Workshop

“Moon effect: A tiny little act extraordinary change of the heart.”

By FFWPU Spain, Erika Miyamura: This workshop from June 23 to July 2, 2015 has been based on the motto “Moon Effect: A tiny little act extraordinary change of the heart.” The meaning we gave to it was that we are the reflection of God and True Parents for others. In the same way as the moon is manifested to the earth depending on the Sunlight. The tiny little act extraordinary change of the heart means that, even with the smallest thing you could do for somebody in your life, if you do it with the right heart, sooner or later you will see a change on that person´s heart and your heart, it will be worthy. At the same time, with that tiny little act you start doing, with that deed, other people will make it bigger and that other person bigger and bigger until you finally see a change on people’s heart. God will always give you back.

There were lectures based on the Divine Principle. We talked about the traditions of the church and had a special day centered on purity.

Like always we had a challenge day, we had the opportunity to participate in the Peace Road in Madrid and we cover up the afternoon with sports, games, swimming pool and activities to practice what we have been learning during the lectures. A very special evening we had the chance to pray for 40 minutes to get closer to God once we get back home and for always.

In total we were 33 people: 23 participants, 4 kitchen staff and 7 ws staff. Unfortunately we had some people who left during the workshop for injury, travel, etc.

Like always, we truly thank everyone who made this possible. For the place we stayed “El Manantial del Corazón”, Maryvonne, Jose Manuel, the participants and the workshop staff. Last but not least, Thank you to Heavenly Parent and True Parents that without them, this would have been impossible to happen and who are always with us supporting and loving every moment of our lives. Also because they gave us the opportunity to give them love back and make them more present in our daily lives.

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