Road of Peace 2015 in Central African Republic

FFWPU/UPF Central African Republic: We were pushed to postpone the event several times by the general directorate of the Central African Republic police for security reasons, but finally ” The Road of Peace” has been held on June 30, 2015 with about 60 participation, members of FFWPU and UPF Central African Republic. Our motto was ‘FORGIVE, LOVE, UNITE’ to contribute to reconciliation and social cohesion in Central African Republic.

The event launched at Bangui stadium (with 20,000 seats) with the participation of the representative of the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Culture and the representative of the Mayor of the 2nd District of Bangui’s city as well as the administrative and technical staff of the stadium.

It all started with an explanatory speech on the event given by Rev. Noel Mathias SALOGBA, General Secretary of UPF Central African Republic. He mentioned that it was a prelude to the celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s Seongwa Ceremony.

Encouraging words were said by the Representative of the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Culture as follows: “I want to encourage the UPF Central African Republic, thta like other countries of the world celebrates the day of Peace Road today. I believe even though this is a small event but certainly of great value because our country which now comes through a very difficult period needs peace. We need it. Each Central African and each organization should register at this time, to mobilize for the return of peace in Central Africa …”

After signing of the banner of the Road of Peace by everyone, the General Secretary of UPF announced to start the peace march. The participants departed from the stadium to the United Nations square (with 3km distance) passing through the roundabout of Martyrs and France Avenues. After singing the hymn of Cheon Il Guk, the participants cheered to close the event.

The traffic jam caused by our event on the street (some were walking, some were riding bicycles or motorbikes and cars) did not cause any bad feeling in people. Even the police and other people passing by stopped to congratulate the participants by saying ‘We support you, we are with you.’

This march well received among the Central National population and authorities. And also it was covered by national radio and television and by major groups of Newspapers.

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