Poland: Children’s Summer Camp

By FFWPU Poland, Martha Kral, Banie Mazurskie, June 28 – July 4 2015

Since 7 years blessed families from Poland have been attending summer camps in Banie Mazurskie, a small village in the Mazurian Lake District, near the Russian border. They are hosted in the countryside farm house of a blessed family.

The children like it a lot, because they are embraced by beautiful pure nature, together with animals, a cow, pigs, ducks and chickens.

In the morning hours the children participated in an educational program about what we can learn and inherit from our faith fathers: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the last session was about True Parents. Qualities like loyalty, courage, faith, obedience and love have been taught and practiced.

There were also conducted interactive games where the children played theater about the historical figures to remember them better, which inspired them very much. There was great joy, fun and unity between participants and staff, including the young staff who did a great job in helping and supporting the workshop.

Each day started with one hour “Hoon dok hwe” for staff followed by a morning service for the children.

The additional program included swimming in the lake, sightseeing of German bunkers from the World War 2, sport Olympics for the children, jumping in the hay in the barn during every free minute, visiting an old post-protestant (currently catholic) church, guided by a local priest and his assistant, camp fire, cooking with the grandmother and making honey with the uncle of the farm house and many others things.

Some participants stayed for 1 day longer to participate in one-day local festivals called “Lisowisko”, organized by municipal authorities. Our group was presented by the director of Culture Club, and our children played a football match against group of local kids (we lost 0:4 :)). However, blessed children successfully competed in other contests, winning nice rewards.


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