Philippines: Advancing the Call to Raise Young Leaders Who Will Serve the World

Inauguration of the New Gymnasium of IPLC (International Peace Leadership College) and the Holding of the Interfaith Peace Blessing in the Philippines


FFWPU Philippines, Julius B. Malicdem, Ms. Chooli Julia Nuyana and Ms. Chosun Guy: With around 40 days before the victorious Seonghwa Anniversary of our beloved True Father, last July 19th, 2015 (4th day, 6th month in the 3rd year of CIG), Philippines received so much blessing from our Heavenly Parent and True Parents with the holding of the Inauguration Ceremony of the new IPLC Gymnasium. We are once again offering our deep gratitude to True Parents for this new facility that will surely advance the vision and mission of IPLC in order to fulfill its role in raising many young leaders to support the worldwide providence centering on True Parents.

So much heartfelt gratitude and excitement is being felt by many Filipino members especially the IPLC leaders, staff and students, filled the mountains of the town of Tanay in Rizal province in the Philippines, the site of the IPLC campus. Around 3,000 Unification members from all parts of the nation, as well as Ambassadors for Peace, VIPs, friends and supporters came to witness the historical event. Many of them saw for the first time the beautiful IPLC campus and the new gymnasium. Most of them are awe-inspired and appreciate the beautiful school facility situated in a verdant mountainous area. Many truly felt the great investment of love from our beloved True Parents in order to advance the education of the young people.

“The weather truly cooperated and God heed our prayers!” This was uttered by one of the staff in-charge of the preparation as the day was perfect with the sun shining brightly. Several days before the inauguration, typhoons and rains frequented this part of the Philippines. The program started with a sincere dedication prayer to offer the new facility to Heavenly Parent and to True Parents, led by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Honorary Chairman of IPLC and True Parent’s Special Emissary for Asia. After which the ribbon-cutting ceremony followed which was led by Dr. Yong and representative leaders from the Unification Movement in Asia and Philippines and some local government officials including the Vice Governor of the province of Rizal. After the whole gymnasium was sanctified with holy salt by Dr. Yong, all the dignitaries, students, parents and guests swarmed inside the new gym with excitement.

The inauguration program formally began with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem led by the Philippine Army Band 2nd Infantry Division and the Interfaith Prayer led by representative religious leaders. Then the cutting of the celebration cake was done by representative leaders and VIP guests. This was followed by an Opening Remarks given by Dr. Venus Agustin, the President of IPLC, who gave a brief backgrounder of the school and its mission and vision. In his speech, he said that the students of IPLC are well-trained as future leaders as envisioned by our True Parents, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, which is to create a world of one family under God. He also acknowledged the hard work of the construction company for completing the construction of the gymnasium within a span of six months.

The welcoming remarks was delivered by Dr. Gabriel Piguing, the Municipal Administrator of Tanay, who came in behalf of the Mayor, Hon. Rafael A. Tanjuatco. In his speech he appreciated IPLC’s effort in training and developing the moral character of students as future leaders and for helping in the promotion of the tourism of the municipality since it is an international institution. An intermission number was presented by the Japanese Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionaries, who rendered Japanese, English and Filipino songs that made the guests and students applaud in delight. Congratulatory Messages were then given by Colonel Rolando Cabangbang on behalf of Major General Romeo G. Gan, Armed Forces of the Philippines Commander of 4th Infantry Division, who said in his speech that staff and students of IPLC are welcomed to use the facilities of the military camp anytime. He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to IPLC’s contribution for creating a better community. Representative of the Hon. Rebecca Ynares, Governor of the Province of Rizal, Provincial Board Member Hon. Jun Rey San Juan, delivered the governor’s congratulatory speech. He said, “It is my first time to visit the IPLC, and my first impression was ‘Wow! This is one of the best campuses in all of Tanay, Rizal!” He exclaimed in his introduction which garnered a loud applause from the IPLC audience. One of the international guests, and Member of the Parliament of the government of Nepal, Hon. Eknath Dhakal, also extended his congratulations to IPLC by saying, “IPLC is the best educational institution because it is where the building of expertise and character meet. I hope that IPLC will continue to inspire and educate good leaders for the future. With that, the Philippines can fly and go all over the world!”

An intermission number was rendered by the IPLC Tong Il Moo Do Martial Arts team. They showed a very flawless, powerful, hair-raising martial arts demonstration that left the guests at the edge of their seats. This team is composed of selected student practitioners of the said martial arts which is also inspired by the vision of our beloved True Parents. IPLC is probably the only school in the world where all the students master the art of Tongil Moo Do martial arts before they could graduate. Master Takamitsu Hoshiko, Executive Vice President and Secretary- General of the World Tong Il Moo Do Federation gave also his Congratulatory remarks and acknowledged the martial arts team of IPLC. He emphasized the importance of self-discipline and the unity of mind and body. Dr. Robert Kittel, the Special Emissary for education in Asia started his congratulatory message by asking the students of IPLC, “Can you have sex before marriage?” which was answered by the students with a clear and resounding, “No!” He said that it is important to have a clear mind and at the same time a strong body. With this, he congratulated the school for its new gymnasium.

The keynote address was given by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Special Emissary of Asia and the Honorary Chairman of IPLC. “We need to educate our people to become global leaders of peace. Let us dedicate this new gymnasium for the establishment of God’s Will, and True Parents’ vision.” He also emphasized in his speech the importance of having a clear vision. “Truly, everything starts from vision. He concluded his address by reminding once again the vision of our beloved True Parents for IPLC and that is to raise up 10,000 missionaries, peace volunteers and martial arts instructors who can truly serve the world with true love. IPLC should spread its wings and fly all over the world!”

Then bouquet of flowers to our beloved True Parents was offered by the couple of Major General and Mrs. Alfredo Cayton, Jr., the President of UPF in the Philippines. During the program, Wonmo Pyeong Ae Foundation was given special recognition for their invaluable support for scholarships for deserving IPLC students. Other scholarship sponsors and supporters for the construction were also given recognition. Concluding the program was the closing remarks given by Rev. Julius Malicdem, the National Leader of FFWPU-Philippines and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IPLC. This was then followed the loud three cheers of Eog Mansei (“Mabuhay!”) led by Mr. Chang In Hyuk, Cheon Il Guk Youth Envoy to the Philippines, which echoed in the four corners of the new gymnasium.

What made the program doubly special was the holding of the Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony right after the inauguration. The Blessing event is the first big event held in the new gymnasium. The staging of the Blessing event participated in by around 700 couples from all over Tanay in Rizal province served also as a way to sanctify the new facility. Consistent with the strong desire of many blessed families to expand the Tribal Messiah Movement in the Philippines, the elders, staff and students of IPLC worked together to prepare for the holding of the Blessing. In spite of the short period of time to mobilize and prepare for the inauguration and the Blessing event, the IPLC leaders and members gave their utmost best in order to respond to the wish of True Parents for members to fulfill the mission as heavenly tribal messiahs. Dr. and Mrs. Venus Agustin, the IPLC President became the Officiators of the Blessing. Dr. Chung Sik Yong also gave a very powerful speech to the Blessing participants. The participants were all animated when Dr. Yong started to emphasize the importance of keeping fidelity as husband and wife which is our absolute destiny. He stressed the value of absolute sex and challenged the participants to victoriously fulfill the 40 days purification condition and the 3-day ceremony. All the couples were so happy and felt truly blessed after the conclusion of the Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony.

Truly, through the victorious inauguration ceremony of the new IPLC gymnasium and the holding of the Interfaith Peace Blessing, we could see great vision and hope for realizing Cheon Il Guk in our time. Many elder members and new members in the Philippines are standing up and moving forward to take ownership and answer the call for national restoration through completing tribal messiah mission. At the same time, we see the great vision of raising thousands of young people who can expand True Parent’s foundation worldwide as missionaries.


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