Peace Road 2015 in Watkanai, Japan

UPF Japan: On July 21, after the Peace Road event in Sakhalin, Russia, the Peace Road flag went all the way by ferry to Watkanai Japan, carried by a representative of the Sakhalin group. Mr. Guang Suck Song, the UPF-Korea secretary general, accompanied him. When they arrived at Watkanai Port and the Peace Road-Russia representative passed the flag to the Peace Road-Japan representative, they vowed to connect the peace movement between their two countries.

A member of UPF-Japan and Japan’s Federation for Peace and Unification (FPU) welcomed the Sakhalin representatives and sang a song to celebrate. Mrs. Suenaga, vice president of FPU greeted them by saying, “I hope the Peace Road movement can spread to the world and I hope this movement can help the reunification of North Korea and South Korea.”

After the welcoming ceremony, the representatives of Japan and of Russia visited the World Peace Park in Soyamisaki, Wakkanai. They prayed for the 269 victims (passengers and crew) of Korean Air flight 007 that was shot down in the sky over Sakhalin during the cold war. A congressman and the mayor of Wakkanai also gave some encouraging message.

Even though it was raining, the Peace Road Japan team keep move on with the flag they had received from Sakhalin.

Watkanai Newspaper covered the event on its front page.

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