Peace Road 2015 in Uganda

FFWPU Uganda: On July 18 in Kampala Serena Hotel, the Peace Road launching was held in Uganda. Three hundred and forty-seven people participated including 63 from the community, 52 students, 50 cyclists, 14 Christian and Buddhist religious leaders and 18 policemen.

We provided an hour and a half orientation on Rev. Moon’s vision including a video and a PowerPoint presentation on the resolution of conflict within families, in which we were able to interact with guests freely. This allowed the guests to tune in to the spirit of Peace Road before the actual rally flagged off at 11:00 A.M.

The tour comprised of two groups, a cycling group and a marching band–50 cyclists, young men and women from Uganda Cyclist Association–participated in the tour. The cyclists rode about 20 km while the matching band marched 5 km. The two groups met at Wandegeya, one of the busiest trading centers in the city and marched together through the city center. To conclude we took a group photo and some videos.

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