Peace Road 2015 in St. Vincent

FFWPU St. Vincent: On July 23 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines held the Peace Road. 35 people attended at the Grammar School sporting complex for the launching ceremony. For the entire Peace Road event, Kay Bacchus Browne, the national leader chaired the rally.

The rally began from the Court House Yard in the Capital Kingstown led by a police outrider who carried a peace flag on his bike. The rally with Rev. Sang Suek Kim, the continental director together, it went through the Main Streets during the busy hour.

Messages of peace were delivered by a former Prime Minister Hon Arnhim Eustace who marched with us through the streets. He is the current leader of the opposition who is likely to be the next prime minister.

Messages were also delivered by the superintendent of police, a leader of another political party. To conclude all of the participants sang the Tongil song in Korean and English and ended with Oeg-Mansei

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