Peace Road 2015 in Scotland


FFWPU Scotland: On Sunday, 5th July the Peace Road event in Scotland took place at the bridges over the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh. The 31 participants were mostly Scots or British, but there were also members from several other countries, including Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Russia. The weather forecast was for rain in the afternoon so we brought the event forward to the morning. Shortly after 10.30 a.m. we gathered in front of the high school at South Queensferry, sang a few songs, read a passage from True Father’s peace message in 2005 about the international highway and the Bering Strait King Bridge-Tunnel, and prayed. Meanwhile, the bicycle hire man arrived and fifteen of us received bicycles. We set off on the path to the Forth Road Bridge, led by Oliver Lane, organizer of the event, along with the cameraman on a bicycle. At the same time the walkers, sixteen in number, set off down the hill to the South Queensferry quayside.

Coincidentally, the Forth Rail Bridge, which is 125 years old, received UNESCO World Heritage status the very same day as our Peace Road event. All the bridges are over 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) long.

There is a path for cyclists across the road bridge. Half-way across the bridge, the cyclists stopped for a photo-shot, with the famous Forth Rail Bridge in the background.

We continued to the north end of the road-bridge, and came back south again, and bicycled down to the quayside at South Queensferry, where we met the walkers. Queensferry is named after King Malcolm III’s wife, Queen Margaret, who established the ferry for pilgrims nearly a thousand years ago.

The Edinburgh councillor representing South Queensferry, Cllr Alastair Shields, met us on the quayside, and said a few words of welcome. He thought the Peace Road project was an excellent idea, and that it was especially fortuitous to hold the Scottish event at Queensferry.

One of our young cyclists, Vlad Pritchin, had come from Airdrie, nearly thirty miles away, and the mechanism on his bicycle had broken when he was half-way. He had to complete his journey, fifteen miles or so, running and pushing his bicycle, and free-wheeling where he could.

Also, the cameraman was in his sixties and had not ridden a bicycle for twenty-years, yet he did a good job following us on his bicycle across the bridge, taking videos.

The Peace Road event was a joyful occasion, and united us in a good cause – world peace through economic, social and cultural communication, and good physical exercise.

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