Peace Road 2015 in Russia

FFWPU Russia: On July 21, in Sakhalin, Russia held the Peace Road launching with about 100 Koreans that live on Sakhalin Island. Thirty thousand Koreans live on the island.

For the launching, Inbok Kang, president of UCP University, Sundeok Jung, vice president of UCP university, Jinhwa Oh, the Congresswoman representing Sakhalin, Jeongsun choi, former president of a Korean women’s organization, Yeongdae Lee, a member of Korean Association, Yonggun Lim, president of Sakhalin Korean compatriots, Hungyeong Kim, Director-General for art and many other Koreans participates. Guang Suk Song, the UPF secretary general came for the event all the way from Korea.

The event started with a janggu (a traditional Korean instrument a double-headed drum with a narrow waist in the middle) performance from descendants of Koreans in Russia, and the Korean women’s organization chorus.

The event continued with a congratulatory message from Mrs. Jinhwa Oh, and from Mr. Yonggun Lim. He said “Sakhalin Koreans also receive pain because of the division of Korea. Korean unification issues must be resolved and the problem of separated families should be solved as soon as possible.”

After the launching, they moved on to a monument of soldiers who fought and sacrificed for the liberation of Sakhalin. They concluded by offering flowers and singing the unification song together.

The Peace Road flag from Sakhalin will be passed by Mr. Guang Suk Song on July, 22 to World Peace Park in Wakkanai, Hokkaido.

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