Peace Road 2015 in Russia

 FFWPU Russia: On July 23, in St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia held their 21-day Peace Road launching. Russia participants will cross the country from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok for 21 days and at each city, they will have participants joining for a short part of Peace Road. The purpose of Peace Road in Russia is to transcend racism and religion among the people in Russia and to solve conflict between each other and make a peaceful Russia. Also during the Peace Road tour, they will film a documentary called “Hospitable Russia.” The road leading to Peace”

For this launching, Hon Petr Kazansky, an Ambassador for Peace, active in sports organizations with the Russian government, came and wished good luck to the participants and the drivers. He also made a proposal for cooperation.

The next day, July 24, the Peace Road team arrived in the Kremlin and Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Moscow, at 5:00 a.m. with seven cars and took a group photograph in front of the cathedral. Afterword, at 8 a.m., they played a soccer game near the Peace Embassy, under the theme “Play Football Make Peace” for teamwork and friendship. The Peace Road drivers’ team took first place out of 4 teams. At 4:30 pm a bicycle tour took place in a beautiful park near Moscow Peace Embassy.

The closer, which started at 6:30 p.m., included a press conference explaining the meaning of Peace Road.

On July 25, the Peace Road team arrived in one of Russia’s important cities, Ryazan. The citizens in Ryazan wore Russian’s traditional clothing and as is their custom, they welcomed the Peace Road team with kvas (a Slavic fermented beverage commonly made from black or regular rye bread), bread and salt. The Peace Road journey, in six cars, went through Moscow to Ryazan. After they arrived in Ryazan, eight more cars and several more participants joined them, the total became 14 cars and about 30 people.

With the fervent support of the citizens, the Peace Road team moved their way to the Kremlin, the city center for a peace concert. Everyone enthusiastically responded to the concert.

Irina Medvedeva, a doll artisan, made dolls and gave them to the peace road team as presents. One symbolized Ryazan city and another one was for a safe trip to Vladivostok. She made a symbolic doll for each city and family.

Dmitry Oficherov, one of the members of the peace team gave a short comment: This journey is a long trip, which took ten thousand km. As we arrived here in Ryazan, that means we have completed 1/12 of our entire itinerary. I could feel peace on the way here; I could also feel true love of peace from each Russian I met.


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