Peace Road 2015 in Latvia

FFWPU Latvia: Our event was held on July 25 in Riga, Latvia. Twenty-five people participated in the march, from the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Korea, Japan, Russia, Poland, and Mongolia.

At the launching ceremony UPF-Latvia President Dr. Makoto Ando made some welcoming remarks and expressed the main concerns of the project, for instance, about Korea being the last divided nation in the world. After the ceremony, everyone signed the Peace Road banner.

A 5 kilometer march took place on the main street through the very center of Riga, from the FFWPU Latvia headquarters to the National Park, where our Holy Ground is. During the march they passed government buildings, the Monument of Freedom and the City Council building. Some people joined us on the way with joy.

Having approached the final point, participants were given a chance to share and reflect. They were surprised that the project, started as a small group in Japan and Korea, became a global project with 120 nations participating. They were happy to join this global project this year.

Dr. Ando offered a closing prayer and after the prayer all the participants joined in singing ‘Urie Sowon’ (Song of Unity) and shouted four cheers of “Og Mansei.” The final picture was taken with the Holy Ground in the background. Peace Road gave us great hope and helped us feel the love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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