Peace Road 2015 in Hong Kong

FFWPU Hong Kong: On July 5, in Botanical Gardens, Hong Kong, the second nation in Asia held the Peace Road.

Peace Road in Hong Kong was focused on encouraging young people to participate on college campuses. The Peace Road team moved 97 kilometers from Hong Kong University, to Lingnan University continuing on to the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For the last stop, they moved on to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

All day long, using two buses, the Peace Road team visited major universities all around Hong Kong and gave informative activities.

For the launching event, Chae So Ok, the former assemblywoman and a professor at Zhejiang University as well as being the president of the Confucian Society attended.

After the activities at the major universities, to close the events we gathered at Millennium Hall and did hoondokhae.

See more at Peace Road 2015 website

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