Peace Road 2015 in Haiti

FFWPU Haiti: From July 11 to 13 Haiti held the Peace Road. On the 12th from 9 a.m., at Port-au-Prince, the capital city under the slogan “Together for Peace in Haiti and the World” they departed on a 150-kilometer Peace Road tour. Including FFWPU members and Ambassadors for Peace, about 100 people participated in the tour.

The day before (the 11th) in Miragoane City, they had a motorcycle tour and the Peace Road march. The mayor of Miragoane, Mrs. Marie Denise Bellabre, supports the Peace Road idea, and she posed for a photo with the Peace Road banner.

Everyone shouted “Peace in Haiti and around the world, peaceful re-unification of South Korea and North Korea” during the tour and covering 150 km, using various types of transportation, such motorcycle, marching on foot, bicycles and even taxis. The cyclists that were in the parade also ran an additional 60 km with the same slogan.

The Haiti Peace Road team walked for peace to come between Haiti and the Dominican Republic; tense situations are developing at this moment between the two neighboring nations.


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