Peace Road 2015 in Finland

FFWPU Finland: On July 9, in the market square of Turku, the oldest town in the nation, Finland held a small kick-off ceremony for Peace Road beginning at 10 am. Two cars then set off towards the capital city of Helsinki.

On their way, they stopped in the market squares of Salo and Lohja for a short greeting to the local people. In Helsinki, for the main event, the Peace Road march went around Töölönlahti Bay. The march began and ended at the Finlandia Hall, where at the same time the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) was convening a conference celebrating its fortieth anniversary.

To the people passing by and asking about Peace Road we gave a small leaflet with more information about our event. To conclude the day, we had a toast for peace followed by refreshments.

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