Peace Road 2015 in Dominican Republic

By FFWPU Dominican Republic Mr. Leonidas Belliard, July 22, 2015: One day before, July 16th, Rev. Hong, Rev. Kono and Rev. Regalado visited the national parliament and the got 12 congressmen signed the flag and expressed they are very agree with the activity, even though they could not be present at the moment of the event, they congratulated UPF and Family Federation for such nice and good initiative for the peace of the world.

We held the event on July 17-20, 2015 from Santo Domingo (In front of National Parliament) to Parque Armando Bermudez (The High Mountain in Caribbean Region, 3,087 Meter over the sea level.) We had a peace walk for 23 KM.

Among our special participants we had two congressman, Deputy Guadalupe Valdes, National Deputy and Mr. Marcos Cross, Deputy for international Dominican community, 10 ambassador for peace 21 bicycle’s riders and 70 members and friends from UPF and Family Federation.

Mr. Teodoro Reyes, Ambassador for peace and congressman for the parliament convey the press media from parliament house. 13 TVs channel came and recorded the event in front of the parliament house.

Mr. Leonidas Belliard, president of FFWPU Dominican Republic served as MC. Rev. Dae Hee Hong, the Special Envoy for Dominican Republic gave the main speech, explaining the real vision of True Parent through this Peace Road, Mr. Cesar Regalado was the interpreter and also at the end of his speech, he explain to the journalists the meaning of this Peace Road. Deputy Mrs. Guadalupe Valdes, gave a nice speech congratulating the event. She said “That’s the way that the true peace may come, we are changing the heart and feeling of the people, we are changing the weapon by the love and UPF and Family Federation are peace organization working very hard day by day to achieve real peace”. She is ambassador for peace. Deputy Marcos Cross is also a ambassador for peace and he showed his gratitude toward this event in front of the media.

We ride bicycles from parliament to the central park, where is located the main holy ground. Together, congressman and congresswoman, and all participants, by bicycles, by walking, by cars, everybody jointed to this emotional rally. From the holy ground, we ride 100 kms by bicycles, with 27 participants, 14 bicycles, we connected the Peace Road with our Farm in Bonao. During whole day we ride the bicycles and at the evening we arrived to the Farm “Peace and Harmony” We recently bought this farm with True Parent Support for building the Education and Training center. We slept in tents and next day we ride 54 kms by cars and reached the “Pico Duarte” mountain, the high in Caribbean Region. Next day we began to climb the mountain during two whole days we walked 46 kms. Rev Hong was heading this walk together national leader couples, church leaders and 18 boys and girls from second gens. This was just amazing to be able to offer this Peace Road to True Parent.

We finished the even at 18:00 of July 20th and returned home at midnight. We are so grateful to contribute to make the World Peace Through this Peace Road.



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