Peace Road 2015 in Canada

FFWPU Canada: Vancouver, for the past two months, hardly experienced any rain. However, on the very day of their Vancouver Peace Road rally, it poured like a typical summer day in Vancouver. Despite such weather, more than 70 Unificationists, Ambassadors for Peace, friends and families stood together at Bear Creek Park on Sunday, July 26 to rally for global peace.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Yuri Pankratz, a Professor from Simon Fraser University and Ambassador for Peace, together with Dr. Moon Shik Kim, Director of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) Canada, emphasized in their messages the legacy of Rev. and Mrs. Moon. Dr. Pankratz reiterated that, like them, we need to continue to pursue the dream of realizing one world under God.

In a symbolic motion, Rev. Larry Krishnek, who successfully held a Peace Road event the day before in Seattle, transferred the Peace Road flag to Dr. Kim. Participants joined in fellowship and music as the flag was passed along to Vancouver.

After the song, Rev. Alan Wilding led the crowd in reciting loudly, “Victory for God and True Parents! Victory for One Family under God!” As they cheered, Rev. and Mrs. Kambashi released dozens of colorful balloons up into the Vancouver sky, representing peace over the land.

As the rain started to pour harder, the peace bike cyclists started their Peace Road journey by riding in front of the rest of the participants, who walked and repeatedly shouted the slogans above. As they finished the walk entirely through the blessing of rain, the sunshine came out.

Rain or shine, Rev. and Mrs. Moon devoted their lives every day for world peace. Participants in Vancouver felt Rev. and Mrs. Moon were walking with them in spirit. Next they will pass on the flag to Alaska as the Peace Road rally continues!

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