Peace Road 2015 in Belgium

FFWPU Belgium: Today, on this Sunday July 19th, we took our turn here in Belgium to join the worldwide Peace Road events in solidarity with our True Parents’ wish and constant efforts to eliminate the shameful 38th parallel division between North and South Korea as a catalyst to ushering in lasting worldwide peace and unity.

Under grey skies, our event began at ten o’clock in the beautiful Grand Place square of Brussels with a gathering of blessed families and other supporters. From the starting point our five kilometre march led us on to a selection of some of the most important landmarks in Brussels such as the Royal Palace, the Belgian Parliament, the European Parliament and eventually the Cinquantenaire Park, a majestic site featuring a triumphal arch built to mark the first fifty years of Belgian independence. We were indeed lucky that the rain held off until the final moment when we had just completed our songs and last banner signings, which included some goodwilled members of the public, before dashing for shelter.

All of us participating, first and second generation, will undoubtedly agree that this Peace Road march helped us to reflect about and feel closer to True Parents’ longing heart for division in our fatherland, and in the world in general, to be overcome once and for all. Without any doubt, this event sparked a beautiful moment of unity for our small Family Federation community here in Belgium and a sense of connection to something much larger on a global level.

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