Peace Road 2015 in Belarus

UPF Belaru: Universal Peace Federation in Belarus in partnership with “Association of Korean residents in Belarus” and International NGO “Cultural Exchange” organized the event “Peace Road 2015: toward a World of Peace!” in Minsk, capital city of Belarus, on July 18. It was a beautiful sunny day. Also it’s very symbolic, that every year on 18 July — the day an international peacemaker Nelson Mandela was born – the United Nations celebrates the Nelson Mandela International Day in recognition of the former South African President’s contribution to the culture of peace and freedom.

The purpose of the event was to make a foundation for peace and prosperity in Belarus, to support peaceful re-unification of the Korean Peninsula and to let the public know of the peace ideology and achievements of founders of the Unification Movement Dr. and Mrs. Moon, who has worked to realize the ideal of One human family under God.

In the morning cyclists and supporters gathered at the stunning site near Komsomolskoe lake close to Korean Embassy to start the Peace Road event. Representative of Universal Peace Federation in Belarus Vitaly Maksimov welcomed the participants and shared about vision of Dr. Moon, that first proposed the Peace Road at 1981. He spoke about the significance of the Peace Road as a substantiation of one unified world. The president of the “Association of Korean residents in Belarus” Ri Kimmi announced the importance of peaceful re-unification of the Korean peninsula and wholeheartedly supported Peace Road ideas. Then participants shared the goals of the rally with passers-by, who were invited to sign the Peace Road banner. Then the performance with Korean traditional drams and Belorussian songs was conducted. At the end to show the commitment to the concept of one world family everybody sang the unification song ‘Uriui Sowon’ in unison. Riders then set off to Korolevo. The main event was 53 km trek from Korean Embassy in Minsk ending at the Unificationists’ educational center in country side Korolevo. Some took a shorter five km route.

After the completion of the ride cyclists arrived to Korolevo. The closing session included the presentation about Universal Peace Federation activities and Peace Road Highway project, followed by the performance with Korean and Belarusian dances and songs. The event concluded with the cake and banquet of Korean and Belarus cuisine. Participants of the Peace Road project want to send a message to the people all around the world that as members of One Family we share the responsibility to contribute to the World Peace.

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