Nepal: Young Leaders Excited about Tribal Messiah Mission

By Robert Kittel, July 29, 2015 : Twenty Nepalese young leaders attended a life-changing, 3-day education program (July 25-27, 2015) to prepare to go to Korea to meet True Mother who invited 120 youth from Asia for a 40-day training in our Fatherland.

Nagarkot, Nepal—True Mother is personally inviting 120 young leaders from Asia to Korea for 40 days of education and training. They will arrive in Korea at the end of August to participate in True Father’s 3rd Seonghwa Anniversary and depart only on Oct. 9.

In Nepal, 20 young leaders have been chosen to attend this special program: ten brothers and 10 sisters (including a mother figure). The three youngest participants are just 20 years old; the oldest, “young leader” is 30. For most of them it will be the first time they meet True Parents personally.

To prepare for this unforgettable trip to our Fatherland, a 3-day Cheon Il Guk (CIG) leadership training was held July 25-27 in Nepal. The Regional President for Asia and Special Emissary, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, greeted the participants via a skype call during the Inaugural Session.

He told them True Mother was so concerned about Nepal that she personally called him earlier that day to inquire about how Nepalese children are doing, now three months after the earthquake.

The theme for the training program was, “Public Mindedness, Filial Piety and Tribal Messiahship as a Foundation for CIG Leadership.” It is part of a 40-day training program to prepare Nepalese leaders to go to Korea. After returning from Korea, they will have a third 40-day condition to pioneer Tribal Messiahship throughout Nepal.

One unique element of the education focused on the importance of Tribal Messiahship. The response from the participants was as breath-taking as the workshop venue. Our hotel was overlooking the Himalayan Mountain range. Both the participants’ reflections and the natural scenery were spectacularly beautiful and majestic.


“The workshop was amazing… I am clear about public mindedness and filial piety… [In addition,] this seminary made me feel that Tribal Messiahship is most important and our final goal. I got first prize in the Vision 2020 determination speech… I am determined to fulfill my Tribal Messiahship in time and will help others. Hari Bahadur Khatri

“Our True Father’s last prayer focused on Tribal Messiah and we received education about Tribal Messiah that all people in this world should take the heavenly blessing. This will be the greatest joy to our Heavenly Parent… I am determined to work for our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents even though I have to walk a thorny path…Our True Parents’ hope for Vision 2020 is Nepal. Tribal Messiahship will be fulfilled…” Sagun Khadka

“I am revived. True Father’s last words of prayer, with his last breathe of life, was Tribal Messiahship. I have learned more deeply about the priority of investing in Tribal Messiahship for fulfilling God’s Providence…”  Subash Lama

“How I can give comfort True Parents from my side? True Parents walked the challenging path to make the foundation for the movement and they never gave up… I will do and die for my mission. I’m serious to fulfill Tribal Messiahship which is the Realm of Royal Family.” Jitraj Lohani, Top fundraiser and top score on DP test

Presentations were given by:

  • Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Member of Parliament and Special CIG Envoy to Nepal;

– Life of Faith as a Foundation for CIG Leadership

– Headwing Ideology

  • Mrs. Blessie Dhakal, President of WFWP-Nepal;

– Congratulatory Remarks

  • Dr. Robert Kittel, Director of Education for UFP-Asia and Special CIG Emissary for Education;

–  The Role of Divine Principle Education as a Foundation for CIG Leadership

–  Tribal Messiahship as a Foundation for CIG Leadership

– Basic Foundation, Attitude and Understanding to Become a CIG Lecturer

  • Rev. Santosh Paudel, President FFWPU-Nepal;

– True Parents’ Life Course as a Foundation for CIG Leadership

  • Mr. Binod Dangi, Secretary-General of UPF-Nepal;

– Management and Public Relations as a Foundation for CIG Leadership

  • Mr. Kashi Nath Khanal, National Lecturer for FFWPU-Nepal;

– Spirituality and Providential Understanding as a Foundation for CIG Leadership

  • Mr. Richell Jalipa, National Lecturer for UPF-Nepal

– Good Character and Sacrificial Leadership as a Foundation for CIG Leadership.


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