Nepal: Rebuilding a Nation and Fortifying Families

FFWPU Nepal: After the deadly and devastating earthquake in Nepal in April, Nepalese are rebuilding their homes, schools, and offices based on Seismic Design Principles, or earthquake-resistant principles.

Likewise, Nepalese are also rebuilding families based on Father and Mother Moon’s Universal Principles of “Living for the Sake of Others” and “True Family Values,” so that their families, communities and nation will be resistant to the selfish individualism and sexual immorality sweeping the world today.

A “Marriage Re-dedication and Peace Blessing Ceremony” was held in Bhaktapur—the area worst-hit by the earthquake in the Kathmandu valley—on Saturday, July 3rd. The response was overwhelming.

A standing-room-only crowd packed the main hall and spilled over into two overflow areas. Organizers expected a maximum of 400 couples to come, but in the end 442 couples attended. The spirit was electrifying.

“I made a big mistake,” said the Chief Guest, Prof. Dr. Purushottam Lochan Shrestha, at the end of the program. “I left half of my body at home. I should have brought my wife… This program was unexpectedly wonderful.”

Dr. Shrestha, a renowned national historian, went on to say that although he studied Nepal’s history and culture, he never realized the basic principles hidden in the Hindu culture and mythology. He acknowledged that Father Moon’s Universal Principle provided insights that illuminated these principles which can ultimately help address the painful erosion of family values, not only in Nepal, but globally.

A unique hallmark of our True Parents’ marriage blessings is the inter-religious nature of these events. This program was no exception as religious leaders from three traditions were invited to offer prayers and blessings. They included: Damodar Gautam, a respected Hindu guru; Pema Lama, a Buddhist monk; and Muhammad Adim Quadir, a Muslim maulvi.

Prior to this Dr. Robert Kittel, the Director of Education for UPF-Asia and Special Emissary of our True Parents, gave a powerful presentation based on Father and Mother Moon’s Universal Principles integrated with Nepal’s Hindu culture. It was well received and showed how these Marriage Blessings can help preserve the rich cultural heritage of inter-generational families so common to this Himalayan nation.

At the end of the program national singer, Ananda Karki, brought the house down. The audience clapped and sang along to well-known national hits. At the end spontaneous dancing erupted.

Even the weather supported the program. This is monsoon season. If it rained, as it does almost daily, people will go to their fields to plant rice. But there was no rain on July 3rd in Kathmandu and they came to receive God’s blessing to renew their marriages.

The officiators representing our True Parents were Rev. Santosh and Florimie Paudel, the National Leader of FFWPU-Nepal. Mr. Kashi Nath Khanal, National Lecturer, was emcee and translator. Mr. Binod Dangi, the Deputy National Leader of FFWPU-Nepal, gave the closing remarks.

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As the FFWPU-Nepal continues its disaster relief efforts, 13 couples are on course to bless 430 couples, thus fulfilling their Heavenly Tribal Messiah goal before True Father’s 3rd Seonghwa anniversary in late August.

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