Nepal: Family Peace Blessing Festival

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By FFWPU Nepal, Rober Kittle:

We successfully organized a Marriage Re-dedication and Family Peace Blessing Festival in Sankadhar Party Palace, Bhaktapur on July 4, 2015 attended by 422 couples. And there were around one thousand guests who came either as couple or along with their spouse pictures.

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We are so grateful to all leaders, brothers and sisters tribal coordinators for their support which made the blessing program a huge success from the beginning until the end. Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Special Emissary of Asia gave the lecture presentation for the participants, translated by Mr. Kashi Nath Khanal. The audience were so responsive and inspired celebrating their wedding anniversaries with lots of love.

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The FFWPU Nepal President, Mr. Santosh Kumar Paudel and Floramie Paudel’s tribal blessing supported by Zen Shrestha, Rajendra Shrestha, Ram Babu Ranamagar, Rabina Nayava Shrestha, Sanjib Karki, Ramesh Khadka from Nepal Charter School, Keshav Shrestha and all mobilization team in Kathmandu Valley. A big thanks to everyone.

The hall overflowed, and we had two tents outside the hall which were filled up with people. Many people who came later, went back to their homes because there was no seats available for them. The couples actively participated the holy juice ceremony, marriage re-dedication, true love stick ceremony, and started their separation period.

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Prakash Babu Thapa gave the true love stick orientation briefly. One of participant felt that it was a real happy Hindu cultural marriage where families, mother’s enjoyed dancing, and sing along with the famous singer Mr. Ananda Karki and his friend. The chief guest Dr. Purushottum Shrestha, Bhaktapur VDC, congratulated all the couples in behalf of the Bhaktapur District. Mr. Binod Dangi gave closing remarks for the participants.

We selected two ambassadors for Peace. The participants queued accordingly with their food coupon and waited for their turn patiently. We couldn’t express our sincere gratitude for all our brothers and sisters who made our tribal blessing a success.

Bhaktapur is the first capital city in Nepal and one of the Epicenter during the devastating earthquake. The participant’s positive response helps everyone been blessed, forgetting their pains and worries, the whole environment became so bright with happy faces of the couples. Thank you so much True Parent for the amazing lesson learned that no matter what circumstances we are in, the only way to live for the sake of others is to bring people to blessing, even in the most difficult times. To Heavenly Parent and True Parent be the Glory.

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