Lunch at the North Korean Embassy in Madrid


By UPF Spain, Miguel Angel Lopez Valentin, June 5, 2015:

I received one month ago an e-mail from our Ambassador of Peace, Dr. Alfonso Ojeda. He had visited the North Korean Ambassador in Madrid and he showed interest in meeting some members of the CEIC (Spanish Centre for Korean Research).

Dr. Alfonso Ojeda is the founder and director of the CEIC whose members are mainly Professors at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and the University of Barcelona (UB).

He attended UPF Conferences hold in Korea and the US in several occasions where he could directly listen the speeches given by True Father. Also, when True Parents visited us in Seville during the Football Peace Cup in 2009, Dr. Ojeda gave a testimony about the awesome impression that he had while reading the Autobiography of Sun Myung Moon.

At the luncheon with the North Korean Ambassador we were ten people attending, mostly University Professors, some of whom frequently travel to North Korea, the wife of one of them, a Student preparing his doctoral thesis on art history, the Vice Chancellor for International Relations of the Complutense University of Madrid and myself as a member of UPF (Dr. Ojeda had invited Armando Lozano as Director of UPF in Spain, but he was busy that day with other matters).

First the Ambassador, Mr. Kim Hyok-Chol, welcomed and spoke to us. He said he admires Spain and the Spaniards, being a very hospitable and open people, lucky of enjoying a very pleasant climate (that day, as you can see in the picture, it was a beautiful day) and perhaps because of all that, Spain is one of the most touristic countries. Besides that, Spain hosts the World Tourism Organization and North Korea is interested in developing its tourist potential. There is also the sports aspect, as there are projects for young North Koreans to come to Catalan football clubs to develop their skills here.

The luncheon was not formal, seated at the table, but we enjoyed typical Korean food buffet style, while we chatted with each other. That gave us the opportunity to talk individually with the Ambassador, explaining what each of us does and exchanging views with him. He speaks very well English and has a very pleasant character.

When I had the opportunity, I introduced myself as a member of the UPF and the Unification Movement – Tongil Kyo, founded by Dr. Moon Sun Myung, born in North Korea. I showed him the photo I had ready in my smart phone, with True Parents meeting Kim IL Sung. He smiled and even knew True Mother’s name, Han Hak Ja. I also explained him about the car factory Pyong Hwa Motors (Pyong Hwa Cha Dong Cha, in Korean) and about the Pothonggang Hotel in Pyongyang. He kept smiling and according to his comments, he seemed to know about all that better than myself.

My feeling was that despite being surrounded by Doctors and University Professors, due to True Parent’s foundation, my position was as high as theirs, being an ambassador of Unificationism.

Finally, I would like to comment that the Vice Chancellor for International Relations of the Complutense University of Madrid, expressed his desire to invite North Korean students to study in Madrid.


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