Italy: Visit of Special Emissaries Rev. Pak and Mrs. Moon


By FFWPU Italy, Giuseppe Cali, July 3-13, 2015: We were pleased to receive Rev. Pak and Mrs. Moon in Italy, as part of their precious mission to connect us directly to True Mother. As they said several times, they are the bridge between any member and family on the local level and True Parents.

Their visit started in Milan, where they could visit also some sites visited in the past by True Parents, as the main Cathedral and the so called “Gallery”. On Saturday, they attended also a UPF leaders’ meeting, during which they could share their understanding and give some suggestions. On Sunday, at the Sunday service, the full message was given to the Milano and Bergamo members. Afterward they went to Florence, where, after a brief visit to the city, they met the few members of the community, sharing with them informally some of the content of their mission. Then, as last part of their visit, they came to Rome. We visited together some part of the city and especially the Holy Ground in Vatican City, established by True Father, where we could pray together for the sake of Italy and Europe. Again, on Sunday, they met the Rome members plus some members from Napoli, giving basically the same speeches they gave already in Milano.

In her speech, Mrs. Moon started with a deep sharing on her life following True Parents. It was very inspiring to hear stories about the early times of our movement in Korea. It helped us to understand more deeply the incredible sacrifices and the intensive life of faith all early members experienced at that time. Several testimonies about True Father’s heart and words, made us feeling strongly his presence there with us. She spoke also about the situation of Korean people during the war and right after, to make us understanding the difficult circumstances in which our movement started.

Mrs. Moon emphasized also the role of women throughout all history and especially in this time of the Providence. We all know that the last declaration from Father on earth was about the role of women for the building of the Cheon Il Guk. The mission of WFWP, has been always central in True Parents providence.

Rev. Pak explained the meaning of their mission as special emissaries. He explained very well the heart of True Mother that wants to know everything about us, even small details and how much she really cares for us and for mankind. All the decision she made were clear and very helpful for the development of the providential work, especially the new Cheon Seong Gyeong. True Mother was really inspired by the meeting we had in Wien and praised the European movement, especially the 2nd. Generation. Now she gave us the responsibility to manage by ourselves, appointing for the first time a European Continental leader and a 2nd generation as National leader in UK. Now it is our responsibility to make the European movement growing up to the next level.

In Milano, in the afternoon, we could have a question and answer session, in which members could express all their heart and understanding and receive guidance, while in Rome we could have, after lunch, a free sharing in the beautiful environment of Colle Mattia.

Personally I was very moved by their visit. As any other National leader we have to take responsibility for everything, being directly in the mission field and doesn’t happen so often to receive real support, understanding and proper guidance. We have, quite often, to manage by ourselves in very difficult circumstances. This time I could really share deeply with them many things and receive their comfort and guidance in a family spirit. As we agreed, we are really one family under the same Heavenly Parent and True Parents and we share a common vision and understanding. I could feel through my own experience the meaning of their mission and how important his, especially at this time, to have them in Europe to keep our connection with the Fatherland, representing the Heart of True Parents.

While they were singing few songs at the end of the meetings, we all agreed with the definition True Father gave them as “Lovely Couple”. They were such with all of us and we wish them to be successful in their mission to make True Parents happy and proud of each of us.


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