Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Nonghong Thailand


By FFWPU Thailand, Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn: Since April 30 – July 14, 2014; FFWPU Thailand held Blessing for 20 times and since July 3-14, 2014, we held Blessing for 10 times. This comes from the ownership of Thai blessed families and members toward mission of Tribal Messiah and determination to bring joy and glory to TP for 3rd Anniversary of Seonghwa. Blessed families and student members are working so hard and do their best in frontline to make Thailand as strategic nation of God’s providence chosen by TP to fulfill Vision 2020.

Until now, we continue to follow up, educate and guide new Blessed Families to understand value of Blessing, do 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony in order to let new blessed families to be engrafted by True love, life and lineage that come from God and True Parents. Even though we are working so hard in grass root community, we can feel God’s heart and TP’s love through frontline through the viewpoint as Tribal Messiah.

On July 14, 2014; Dr.Lek tribal group held Blessing at Nonghong district. It was held through the ownership of Chief of District Officer who heard about FFWPU project from Chief of Nongki district that we held Blessing one month ago. Under Nonghong Chief of district, his staff, sub-district director and village leaders really co-operate to welcome Blessing and FFWPU teaching to their community. There are 595 people join, even though this is season that most of farmers are so busy about agriculture.

All participants are so happy and impressed by Blessing ceremony, especially, at the time of 3 minutes of TP’s prayer from the blessing in Cheongshim World Peace Center in March 2012. They can feel holiness and forgiveness that they receive through Blessing ceremony.

Blessed family and staff in Dr.Lek tribal group will continue to invest to Nonghong district and to guide peopleThis is 7th time that we held Blessing in Buriram province since 2014. There were already 200 families that completed 3 days ceremony in this province. We will invest by educate, follow up, hold blessing and raise up New Tribal Messiah and establish community of faith toward TP more and more and to transform province of 1.6 million population to become CIG land in near future.

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