Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Nonghang Thailand

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FFWPU Thailand, July 5, 2015: Mrs. Sangkom family joined hand with Mr .Phayungsri & Mrs. Waraporn family with support from some other blessed families to fulfill 3 tribes of restoration of 430 couples. They found the great John the Baptist, Dr. and Mrs. Ronnachit Puttala who love the vision and teaching of FFWPU so much. Dr. Ronnachit who was chief of district officer of Khaowong district who support Sangkom for tribal messiah activities.  Now he determined to hold Blessing in all 12 sub-districts of Kuchinarai district which have 120,000 populations by the end of this year.  He has goal to blessed more than 12,000 people and hold the big finale event for more than 3,000 people and inviting Minister of Social Development and Human Security to come to his district.

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Dr. Ronnachit and his wife believes that family is most important to create peaceful society and nation.  The culture of fidelity, respect and love wife is foundation of world peace. He expressed that from his experience as government for 30 years, he never meet any projects greater than FFWPU and Blessing. He will work in all effort to make Thai people follow and practice FFWPU and TP’s teaching. On July 5th 2015, when Dr. Chung Sik Yong, first met with Dr. Ronnachit, he received inspiration from God and he gave Dr. Ronnachit the goal to restore 40 tribes or more than 17,000 families under him.  Now Dr. Ronnachit thinks seriously how to fulfill this goal.

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Dr. Ronnachit is the model government leader of CIG. He love and inspire by TP’steaching on family so much and want all government officers and Thai people to follow TP’s teaching as basis for Peaceful society and nation. He and his wife had completed 3 days ceremony and study 3 days Divine Principle through VIP workshop.

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Blessing in Nonghang sub-district is the third sub-district of Kuchinarai province that hold blessing.  It received so much support and co-operation of Chairman of Nonghang sub-district administration and people in this community. They are Phuthai tribe which has their own language, tradition and uniform. Sangkom is Phuthai tribe from Khaowong district who now expanded blessing from True Parents to Phuthai area in Kuchinarai district. There are 303 couples joined with spirit of ownership, support and want to follow FFWPU and True Parents.  Hundred of ladies prepared for Phuthai Welcoming Dance and community leaders try to work to witness all families who currently live Nonghang subdistrict must join blessing.

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Dr. Chung Sik Yong gave special remark on True Love, Purity, Ideal Society and Loving enemy.  All participants are so happy and want to follow and support FFWPU teaching to take root in their community as the way to protect immorality and enrich the happiness in community.  FFWPU Thailand will hold Advanced DP workshop in Kuchinarai area and to establish Community of Faith toward TP in Kuchinarai district and Khaowong district in the near future.

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  • Chaiwat and Sangkom Netsopa, Thai blessed family who had fulfilled the restoration of 430 families already in her hometown and want to support 2 families to fulfill this goals by coming Seonghwa anniversary in August 2015
  • Phayungsri & Mrs.Michiru Deekote, Mr.Naoya & Mrs.Waraporn Ibuka Thai – Japanese blessed family who commitment to fulfills the mission of Tribal Messiah before the 3rd year anniversary Ki Won Joel of True Father
  • Ronachit Phuttala, District Chief officer and his wife John the Baptist figure of in Khaowong & Kuchinarai District. He determines to hold blessing in all 12 subdistricts of Kuchinarai and make his district of 120,000 populations become FFWPU Town that follow TP’s teaching on family
  • Kamol Thananopavarn, President of FFWPU Thailand, served as MC of main ceremony
  • Sangkom Netsopa, Director Blessed Family Department-Thailand gave Guidance on Holy Wine and Tang – gum Ceremony
  • Kirti Bunchua, Vice President of UPF-Thailand gave welcoming remark
  • Ronnachit Phuttala, Kuchinarai District Chief Officer, gave the Opening Remarks.
  • Chung Sik Yong , President of UPF-Asia gave Special Remark
  • All Blessing participants received prayer from Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents, from Video of Blessing ceremony in March 2012 at Cheong Shim World Peace Center with Thai translation

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