Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Bangkok, Thailand

By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn, July 12, 2015: Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa and many blessed families in Bangkok hold hand Tribal Messiah Blessing in Bangkok at HQ of FFWPU Thailand. In Bangkok, FFWPU Thailand breakthrough in witnessing and make partnership with Ladprao District Office, Bangkok Senior Citizen Association and Bangkok Public Health Center. Many Muslim families also join our activities.

Since last two years, many new blessed families received Divine Principle Education and completed 3 days ceremony. They take ownership toward vision of FFWPU and continuously witness new guests to join Blessing.

Gen. Terdsak Maromme, President of UPF Thailand gave welcoming remark. Dr.Chung Sik Yong, Continental Director of Asia, gave very inspiring Opening remark on topic Attribute of True Love and Loving Enemy. Mr. Sutin Wikaikit, Chief of Ladprao district officer represent 200,000 population, gave Congratulatory remark. He expressed his support and inspiration in FFWPU work and want FFWPU continue to work in the community of Ladpro district in order to develop family value and peace in community.

There are 60 families participate. All participants are so happy, inspire with atmosphere of True Love and determine to become Model Blessed Families by complete 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony.

FFWPU Thailand will continue to invest to restore Bangkok to become City of Cheon Il Guk by take ownership in Tribal Messiah mission and Tong Ban Kyuk Pah.

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