Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony in Battambang, Cambodia

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By FFWPU Cambodia, Hajime Saito, July 18, 2015: After a month later of International Youth Convention (IYC) event in Battambang city, with those who (Ambassadors for Peace) work for that event, FFWPU-Cambodia Battambang Branch together with UPF-Cambodia Battambang Branch organized Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony (IPBC) at Battambang city, north west region of Cambodia.

This IPBC-Battambang organized with the determination to fulfill first 430 couples in Cambodia those who completed 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony by before the coming of Seonghwa Anniversary in the end of August as offering best gift to True Parents. At the same time, Battambang center leader Mr. Hut Hen together with members has clear vision for restoration of Battambang Province. (Heavenly Tribal Messiah+ Youth Education= National Restoration)

Last 1 year, UPF-Cambodia, Battambang Branch held several series of workshop based at universities based on Character Education, Pure Love Education. Through these effort, we could make MOU with 3 universities in Battambang. Most of the professors and teachers in these universities are our Ambassadors for Peace (AFP). At unique point of this nation, those who around the age of 30-40 couldn’t get proper education because of suffering from long civil war, so it call “Killing Field”. These age of people, now they are learning in the school. That is to say, many of the students in the universities are our candidates of Previous Marriage Couple (PMC) Blessing. Another specific point of this nation, many of universities’ teachers and professors, they are the district and commune leaders. (As Cambodian administration system, it composes as province-district- commune- village) Our AFPs in Battambang took responsible for each 5 communes for educating people. With these efforts, at the day of Blessing Ceremony days, 708 couples, total 1528 people gathered.

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Blessing Ceremony was held at Vimean Porchey Restaurant, at the center of Battambang city. Chief guest of IPBC-Battambang was Deputy Governor H.E. Nhek Sakun. And from our FFWPU & UPF side, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Vice Chair of UPF-Asia, from Thailand came to encourage us. Dr. Lek encouraged people in Battambang in his opening speech as joining and following True Parnets’ vision is the life-transforming opportunity. As the pre-program of Main Blessing Ceremony, Mr. Chamrouen Sophal, national leader to Cambodia, gave Divine Principle presentation “Family is school of love and peace”. This presentation is explaining about Principle of Creation, Human Fall and as the way of restoration, introducing about significance and meaning of Blessing Ceremony and 7 steps to become Ideal Family. Many of participants made up their mind to become the families who could encourage their community to expand heaven’s blessing through this presentation.

High light of this IPBC event was “Invocation of the Blessing”. We were using True Father’s prayer from Blessing Ceremony in Cheonshim World Peace Center, in March 2012. Because of the deep content of True Father’s prayer, all the participants were inspired, happy and grateful of Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony. Even as outcome of Blessing Ceremony, many people called to our office asking about following up for further learning of True Parents’ teaching during 40 days separation period.

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Because of the guidance of our Continental Director Dr. Yong, we recognized that Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities are not only our members’ activities but also spirit world works together. Even when we do this, realm of Cain join our activities. We are so grateful to Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Asia Continental Director to encourage us to work out for Heavenly Tribal Messiah. Special Thanks to Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Vice Chair of UPF-Asia. Mr. Saing Sen; Deputy Director of International University, Mr. Srey Kievsokhom; Deputy Director of Provincial Teacher Training Center, Mr. Tho Bunet; Deputy Director of Cambodian University of Specialties, H.E. Sieng Em Totim; Rector of University of Battambang, Mr. Heng Monychenda; Director of Buddhism for Development.

True Parents, we miss you.

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