Imagine- you are not dead when you die!

Universal Peace Federation seminar about near-death experiences

By Robert Bentele, Munich Germany, June 13, 2015


With this seminar about near- death experiences, UPF Munich tackled this topic for the third time.

Why is UPF, a movement for peace, concerned with such a topic? The second of the five Principles of Peace states that man is not only a material being, but is primarily spiritual. He is spirit and has a body. To be aware of this reality and to make allowances for it, in that we value the rights of each individual, greatly empowers us to contribute to peaceful coexistence in society.

On this occasion our speakers were Jörgen Bruhn, an author, and Dr. Alfons Wellenhofer, a physician. Dr. Wellenhofer spoke about the three phases of life in the womb, on earth and in the spiritual world. He explained that our life on earth is similar to the life of a fetus in the womb. Just as this phase ends with birth, so our life on earth ends with death, a second birth. The earth therefore is similar to a huge womb and after death, life begins in a new dimension.

After a short discussion and refreshment break, the author, educator and theologian Jörgen Bruhn from Hamburg took to the podium.

He began by reporting experiences that people had had when they were on the brink of death-that is, when they were clinically dead and returned to life. He has been researching this topic for over 30 years, and has collected many reports about it, the majority of which have been personally related to him.

With clarity and liveliness and often good humor, he explained to us what people between life and death have seen, heard, or felt. And he also dealt with ‘out-of-body’ experiences; that is when people, for example during surgery, are able to see their physical body from above and to hear what doctors and family members are saying, and even thinking! He dealt with the topic with such ease as to surely lessen his listeners’ fear of death. One essential message of his presentation was in fact: ‘do not be afraid of death’.

People known personally to him who had seen their life as a film when they were between ‘heaven and earth’, on returning to life put much more emphasis on values and religion. They were able to value their life in a whole new way and were able to recognize that the only thing you can take with you is love.

After a long break for coffee and cake, Mr. Bruhn gave the large audience-over sixty people were present-the opportunity to ask questions. And there were many! Some people reported about their own near-death or similar experiences.

When the event concluded at 18.00, there was still a lot of material for a lively discussion and the last guest left the room at 20.00. On the following day, there was an opportunity to ask Mr. Bruhn further questions at the Sunday service.

Many were interested enough to buy his book, ‘Glimpse over the Horizon’. This was a successful event that stimulated our interest to understand more about the spiritual reality of man and life in the hereafter.

The presentations can be seen under the following links:

Dr. Alfonse Wellenhofer and Mr. Jörgen Bruhn (part 1) (part 2)

Password: UPFStellDirvor

You can find the link to an interesting power point presentation under the video. m






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