Germany: Weekend-Seminar in Neumühle

FFWPY Germany, By Claus Dubisz, Neumühle, Bad Camberg, June 19 – 21 2015: With a total of 12 participants of whom only 4 were older than 30, this was an unusually young workshop.

The small room and bedrooms had been as usual well prepared for us by Anne Sölva and her team. On Friday evening, after dinner and the usual making of acquaintances, Claus Dubisz highlighted the most important points from the introduction to the Divine Principle.

Dieter Schmidt revived the participants on Saturday morning with Q Gong exercises. After breakfast, he introduced the Principle of Creation in three lectures. Many examples from the field of medicine clarified what the Principle says, such as Yang-Yin, the three periods of growth, and spiritual and physical nourishment. And Dieter presented up-to-date statistics to support the concept that the family plays an essential role as the foundation for a stable society.

After lunch, the obligatory excursion to Gnadenthal was on the programme, and of special interest this time was the Bio-farm. Then, after a refreshing coffee break with home- made cake (thank you Tomomi!), the ‘heavy’ topics such as the Fall and Restoration were tackled. Following this was a discussion about the role of angels as well as the relationship of a ‘good God’ to evil.

In the evening entertainment programme in the big meeting room, Heide Wakayama, the moderator, was able to encourage most of the participants to make a contribution, of which the professional piano piece by Erika Lamura and the Sirtaki dance were especially memorable.

In addition, we were amazed and fascinated by a small film, which demonstrated the wonderful development of a single cell to a human being.

In the Sunday morning discussion, the seminar organisors decided to lay special emphasis on personal testimony in the coming presentations.

This gave a very personal touch to Dieter’s lectures about the Mission of Jesus and Father’s life, much appreciated by the guests.

Surely, some of us will meet again at the 7-day seminar from 10-16 August.


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