Divine Principle: An understanding of the Need to Know

YFWP South Africa: On July 25, 2015 Youth Federation for World Peace-South Africa held a one day Divine Principle seminar under the theme “Knowledge is Power” for young people in Johannesburg, Forest town South Africa.

We had 18 participants in total and we gave them two lectures: “The Principle of Creation” given by Mr. Lavie Sengea, President of YFWP South Africa and “The Human Fall” given by Mrs. Noella Ndonga, manager of YFWP South Africa.

The purpose this workshop was to simply show that the fundamental questions about life and the universe cannot be answered without first understanding of the nature of God and the principle by which he created. And also tell them about the need to know about the root of sin and the way to destroy it, so that they can be able to eradicate Satan’s influence in every step of life.

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