Czech HARP Summer Workshop

By FFWPU Czech, Martine Masner, July 1-8, 2015: Czech HARP held its fourth and biggest ever annual summer workshop. Twenty-nine Czech

HARP members and a further five participants from Hungary, Russia and Slovakia gathered in the beautiful Krkonoše mountain region in the north of the Czech Republic. During the seven day event our core staff of four were joined by a number of guest speakers and assistants who would help to make this one of the most memorable workshops for our Czech community so far.

For every workshop, Czech HARP aims to offer education based on different aspects of principle, offering both deep and meaningful spiritual content as well as valuable practical guidance. This particular workshop focused on the theme of the role of the messiah and the history of restoration. We were very grateful to our three main speakers, Petr Leba, who spoke about the principle of restoration and Jesus’ course, Leona Dvornická, who gave valuable insight concerning restoration and important figures in Czech history, and Juraj Lajda, who focused on the mission of Christianity and True Father’s world-wide activities.

In addition to the first three days of principle content, lectures during the final two days were designated to separated brother/sister content, given by Petr Leba/Andrej Uhnák and Elisa Brann respectively, as well as practical guidance for living a life of faith, by Andrej Uhnák. To facilitate the learning experience a wealth of educational team- and character-building exercises and games were also incorporated into the schedule.

In addition we are also grateful for the contribution of Suzana Strkulová, who gave meaningful guidance about prayer and led the prayer evening, and also to Pedro Costa and his spouse Veronika Trinklová, who assisted by supporting staff in running particular parts of the program. Further to this, as Czech HARP will be undergoing changes in leadership during the coming year, Pedro Costa, who will be assuming more responsibility, was able to offer his life testimony giving the community a chance to get to know him more.

Whilst workshops are a learning experience, they also serve as the fertile soil in which friendships grow and communities blossom. Throughout the event all our participants, ranging from the ages of 11 to 18, had the opportunity to learn new things about one another, developing new friendships and enriching old ones. Whether it was during team-building activities, sports and games, creative groups or the adventurous challenge day, there were many moments that will serve as happy memories for a long time to come.

Finally, as Czech HARP continues to grow, the core staff team are facing a number of logistical challenges, therefore we were not only grateful, but deeply proud of all of our eldest HARP members who volunteered their time and energy to assist as team leaders. It is very meaningful to observe the development of HARP members as they are able to recognize their value and responsibility within the faith community. We hope that this experience has given them a taste of the incredible power that can come from serving others.

To all those involved, participants, guest speakers, staff, True Parents and our Heavenly Parents, thank you for your contribution towards this memorable experience!


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