CARP: Share the Inspiration and Happiness

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CARP Albania, by Marsida Sina, May 28 2015: We would like to share with you the last workshop of W-CARP in our Durres city. Our young CARP participants expressed the desire to do practical activities in community, we determined to do more of this kind of activities. This week we thought to share more love with each other and people of our city.

The motto of this activity was “Share Inspiration” which was basically sharing cookies where inside of them were quotes from True Parents. The cookies were prepared by sisters in Durres Center, but al so with the help of brothers and through our unity we could bring victory at the end of it. True Parents quotes were selected by the young and new participants who recently started to join CARP activities. We are very grateful their sincere support and dedication.

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27 member and new guest s participated in this activity, which was organized in 5 teams and spread in 5 different areas of the city. Every one of them experienced very good feelings at the end when we gathered to gather and shared about the day. According their sharing, the purpose they went out was fulfilled because many people welcomed this kind of initiative. Even, m an y people suggested that we could do more like this kind of activities to stimulate human feelings in community. We gave just a cookie to sweeten their day, but they gave us a lot of love in return.


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Share the Happiness

CARP and FFWPU Albania, By Ajet Bosi: End of May and beginning of this month of June was full of some activities organized in different days from Elbasan CARP members and guests who come regularly to our weekly meeting and FFWPU members. On the Thursday, 28th of May, we organized an activity “Share the Happiness”. The purpose was to be able to make happy for few moments different people in our city, starting from presenting a flower, different quotes, smiley papers, food, drinks, hugs and love. During this activity we practiced the motto living for the sake of others, team work and true love. There were about 28 people who joined in this activity. Below there are some photos from the activity:

On Sunday, on the occasion of Children’s Day in Albania, we organized another activity in a village named Shushice to be able to make happy these children where rarely is organized some activity. We asked some animators and together with our staff we did our best to make this people happy. As this area is touristic, many parents who were walking with their children joined our show. It was such an activity were everyone felt children’s joy.

On Tuesday, 2nd of June, we organized a sensitizing activity on the International Parents Day and Children Day. On this occasion, we shared some leaflets about the importance of these two days and the rights of children. Also, we selected some quotes from True Parents about family and children and it was nice to hear parents or grandparents commenting these quotes. There were many members and guests who are receiving DP lectures who joined this activity who was organized at our city park because there are a lot of parents with children.

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