Bearers of Hope in France

By FFWPU France,  Jean-Francois Moulinet:

On Sunday, July 5th we held our Interreligious Service on the theme “Bearers of Hope” at a rented hall near our HQ.

The service began with our music group creating a good atmosphere. Then, just before the sermons a Bible reading, Mt 5.13-16 (You are the salt of the earth… you are the light of the world).

The first sermon was given by Pastor Dominique Kounkou, President of the Council of Christian Churches of an African Approach in Europe. Pastor Kounkou is also a sociologist of religions, a strong defender of religious liberty in France, the author of a number of books, a Doctor of international law and a lawyer registered at the bar of Paris.

Pastor Kounkou focused on the part of the Bible quote saying ‘you are the light of the world.’ But, he went on to explain, we can only be the light of the world if we are connected to God. He warned everyone that the world around us tries to attract our attention, causing us to sometimes be more connected to the world than to God.

Jean-François Moulinet, then gave the 2nd sermon focusing on the need for us to be bearers of hope. He spoke of a book that was recently written by Jean- Claude Guillebaud, Another Life is Possible: How to rediscover hope. Mr. Guillebaud expresses in his book about the enormous problem facing French society, which is a feeling of hopelessness, which has become prevalent. It is an important point for all of us to reflect on. One of the responsibilities of Tribal Messiahs is to be a source of hope but if we are not careful we might let the pessimistic attitude of the world influence us.

Members and guests appreciated both sermons and could begin the new week feeling hope and greater confidence that they can be the light of the world. And after the sermons we welcomed our four new Japanese missionaries.

After the prayer everyone enjoyed having time to share coffee and cake together.



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