Sub-regional level Divine Principle Seminar in Latvia

By FFWPU Baltic – Latvia, Akira Nakamura: On July 6th to 12th we held our first united project in Baltic Sub-Region supported by Northeast Regioanl Headquarters wit the title “The 3rd NER International Students Seminar” in Latvia, Lilaste. This was 3rd continual lever 7 days seminar in our region. The location was a beautiful seaside, in the nature at the Baltic Sea. Total 32 new guests, who came from different place of Northeast Region, such as Georgia, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia so on attended the Divine Principle lecture for 7days. Baltic nations are called “Window for the Western world” from the view of former Soviet nations. Therefore it was so significant to hold such a seminar in Baltics to inference recent Russian situation that they want to separate from Europa. Unfortunately Russian participants could not get visa to come to Baltic Seminar this time.

All the participants were very happy to sturdy the Divine Principle and building a teamwork training. Main lecture was given by Rev. Jin Hwa Chung, president of FFWPU Northeast Region and Dmitry Melnikov, from Northeast regional headquarters, Dr. Mary Hinterinar National Messiah of Estonia also Regional Leader of Baltic Akira Nakamura was the master of the ceremonies, and Dr. Makoto Ando, president of FFWPU Latvia and Rev. Sung Chal Yu, president of Estonia took care of all the coordination. Each Baltic nations invited 10 guests, any the staff members from Latvia staff took care of them. Every day we began our workshop with exercises and daily inspiration by reading to Father’s word. And we had two lectures before noon every day, and having sport after the lunch.

There were always two lectures after the study session we had quality time of discussion about the contents of each lecture, to think how to apply it in our current situation. The first day evening program task was “Quiet Time” to reflect and meditate on “Who I am?” After the lecture of Principle of Creation, there was good realization to have quiet time they never think before our purpose of life so on. 3rd day we had the Challenging day program and that was most difficult program for everybody.

We had few hours hiking under beautiful sunshine, walking to the beach, when we arrival at the beach, suddenly heavy clouds appeared with a very strong lightning and storm started. Walking in such a situation, was reminding us about Moses and his course on the red sea with Israelites.

After we arrival at our destination at the end of beach finally, all the lightening and storm stopped and soon we had beautiful sunshine again. Many of the participants had such experience for the first time. They afraid and even were crying in such an extreme situation. They felt that it was God’s plan as a training for them to overcome their limitation we victoriously passed test by God after we shouted together “Ok-Monsai” and felt liberated. That was unforgettable experience for everyone. After that challenging experience, we felt our spirits have revived, our hearts are open and we are all united.

Next evening we had a meeting to share our thought with candle prayer. We were moved by elder’s testimony. At the Q&A about True Parents’ life course every one sheared sincerely their own personal life and felt so much love by Heavenly Parents and True Parents. Participants felt that just study Divine Principle is not enough, we need to practice in our daily effort to live for sake of others!

On the last day we experienced about history of Latvia and sightseeing in Riga old town. The students felt they want to continue to stay together and some of them decided to join summer program in Korea. The participants sheared their feeling saying that behind Divine Principle there are lot of love and sacrifices by True Parents for the 2nd generation of former soviet nations. Our unforgettable experiences in our heart will remain eternally. But this is just a beginning!


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