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FFWPU Albania, TRAINING CENTER, TIRANA, June 4-7 2015, by Besi Xhumari & Rudina Bardhi: On the dates of 4-7 June 2015 was organized a 4 Day Divine Principle workshop in our National Training Center. The purpose was to give more intensively the Divine Principles to our new guests who were receiving lectures in our centers in the last months.

It is easy to find people just to fill in the hall but it is difficult to find young people who have a religious base and that give you the possibility to work with them. So, on this workshop we had young people who really wanted to deepen their faith and looking at them we can see that there is hope for the future. The staff who took responsibility for this seminar tried their best to give possibilities to every participant to find themselves comfortable in this new place for them. It was reflected in every moment the sincere hearted investment of staff members.

The coordinators Majlinda Matraku & Mateo Ziko, in every moment was like hidden agents in every corner of the center to make possible that everything goes smoothly in organization.

MC were Besnik Xhumari & Rudina Bardhi. With their natural investment and team work which they organized they could break the barriers of every participant. Positive situations, smiles, atmosphere, energy, punctuality, desire to unite with the group, but also ideal to become a great family under God, day by day was being inherited.

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We had 65 participants, and among them there were 20 new guests, creating 6 groups and during this period we had 15 lectures.

At first, we were stacked a bit with songs, because only 2-3 people were joining at front stage singing, but this situation was changed and the MC needed to plan who would join the singing, because everyone wanted to come front. Japanese missionaries and STF members were a great help on this part.

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Dividing in groups, helped that the coordination can be easier. Some new elements which was organized at this seminar like team meetings around tables, resulted successful and participants felt more comfortable. But also the morning exercise with music and team work was new compare to the traditional way of organizing.

The lecturers had a great impact to the participants and thanks to their communication, participants could understand more quickly. Attention during lectures, curiosity, questions from participants and the results of questionaries’ was in high level. Not only the first time participants, but also members expressed that the level of their understanding in this workshop deepened much more.

Important is that different chapters of Divine Principle was presented by different lecturers, from brothers and sisters who gave their contribution in making our family bigger. They were: our National Leader, Gani Rroshi, Manjola Vasmatics, Mirilda Tili, Dorina Prethi, Lubin Argjir, Brenton Kotorri, Majlinda Matraku and for the first time joined as lecturer our sister Agime Cena.

The word “family” was the one repeated often in the talks of young people. From reflections of participants, cooking staff of Elbasan City realized a healthy menu and very delicious for all. We greet everyone praying that our way of success for victory to True Parents be higher and higher!

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Edison Myftarago: “During these 4 days I tried to get positive energy that on my social environment I need one month or more to get it. In this movement I found not only some aspects, but almost every aspect that I searched for long time. This workshop convinced me not only spiritually but also intellectually that this is the live I was looking since child.”

Fatjon Ballaxhia: “When I received the last lecture few days ago in the center, I really felt that I renewed spiritually. I discovered the reason why I live. While in this workshop I felt more strongly that like this should live the whole world.”

Eugen Shateri: “My impression for this workshop is that here all are treated equally, as one family even though we come from different cities.”

Tanushe Muhametaj: “It is an experience which I have for the first time. I never saw in 17 years of my life so many happy people, lovely and with faith in God. I am really lucky to be here and because I learned the most important thing “how to live my life”.

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