7-day Divine Principle & Blessing Workshop

By CARP Medan, Ursula McLackland, 5-11 July 2015:

Since members of the Asian Leadership Training (ALT) had to leave Indonesia, the Medan CARP members are now responsible to keep the spirit and heart of our beloved True Parents on their own and pass it on to new members. This was their first 7-day workshop fully organized by themselves. They had to be MCs, translators, cooks, staff as well as full-time participants, all in one. The workshop was designed for them to review the entire Divine Principle and receive important guidance on how to prepare for the Blessing as well as motivate them to witness to their parents and bring them to the Blessing. Altogether, 7 participants, all ladies, including 2 Muslims and 1 Ambassador for Peace, graduated. All lectures were giving by Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Special CIG Envoy to Indonesia.

The new guests were deeply inspired by the lecture about the Fall and their realization that the root of sin was sexual. The last chapter about the Second Coming and True Father’s Life came as a shock to them. They had never anticipated that the Second Coming had already occurred and they are deeply reflecting and praying about it. All participants yearn to see True Mother during the 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa and are now eagerly planning how to raise the necessary airfare to attend the World Youth Assembly in Cheongpyeong. The video “A Trip to Hell” stimulated their question about how our ancestors can resurrect and they were deeply moved to learn about the Ancestors Liberation and Ancestors Blessing in Cheongpyeong. Besides the World Youth Assembly with all its excitement, they also long to experience the Cheongpyeong workshop and Chanyang Yeoksa sessions.

Asma who is our active Ambassador for Peace in Jakarta wanted to study the Divine Principle more deeply and came with one of her students all the way to Medan. They will organize education programs and workshops for the other students of her college after the new semester begins in August. She has selected one student each from all 34 provincial capitals as coordinators for the National UPF Tour with Dr. Yong later this year. We are now planning to educate them first on the UPF Principles of Peace and basic DP.

As we don’t have enough young members or young leaders in Indonesia, we are sending CARP members from Medan to join the Asian Leadership Training to be trained as core CARP members and leaders. The first sister Anita who joined ALT in May is now breaking through on her team despite language difficulties and the second member Maria who is due to graduate in September will join next. By raising Indonesian leaders, we expect to stabilize the CARP center in Medan and expand quickly, including Tribal Messiah Blessings to their parents, relatives and teachers.

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