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FFWPU Vanuatu, Finishing of the Relief Activity after the Cyclone: We finished the relief activity in the month of May after the three months of damage by cyclone Pam. The volunteer team of OLT, Cheon Il Guk missionaries and local youth members finished the voluntary work.

One of the places that were damaged by the cyclone was a school that is near the church. The volunteer team threw away the old carpet and laid up tiles that were sent from Korea. We received a thank you letter for the relief activity form Tapea province government.


Visit of Australian CIG Missionaries to Vanuatu: On May 2, three Australia Korean CIG missionaries arrived to Vanuatu and did voluntary work and witnessing activity. They visited Rainbow kindergarten located in Port Villa where they taught the children songs and gave them school supplies bought with money made through fundraising in Australia. They had a good time together. The kindergarten principal, Ellen, expressed her gratitude for the help of the missionaries.

Witnessing and International Culture Event: After the damage of the cyclone, we renewed the witnessing activity and daily have Divine Principle lectures and weekend workshops. The CIG missionaries that would graduate in June made many conditions for their witnessing contacts, visited the families. During this time, three new members joined the church. Also, one of the members who joined recently and stayed at the centre in Vanuatu was sent to Australia with the support of the regional HQ to have many experiences and grow in faith.

Also, there was an International Culture Event held for the contacts from witnessing together with OLT members, the CIG missionaries and local members.

They performed dance from different countries, prepared various food and shared it together. They introduced the diversity of the international community and had the chance to talk about the ideal of One Family under God.

UPF New Village Movement Conference meeting: For the past three years there has been activity of New Village Movement in Tapea and recently it has been decided that the next place of activity will be Malampa province.

For the past 3 years we have worked to spread the new village movement. We have decided to move to Malampa state to spread the movement there as the senator Daniel Nalet from Malampa state had attended Foundation Day in Korea and studied Divine Principle and supported UPF a lot.

On 20th May, Rev Yoo met the governor in Malampa state and explained about the activities of UPF and the vision of a new village movement. He suggested that the government hold a conference about the new village movement on 15th July. By the support from the HQ, they decided to have a conference in the Parliament in Malampa.

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