WFWP Youth Italy: Clean-Up Day

WFWP Italy, by Daniela Calì: The young women of WFWP Rome/Italy dedicated some time to clean an area close to the WFWP center at Colle Mattia, on May 30, 2015.

They had already cleaned this area before but unfortunately after only a short period of time, it had become dirty again.

Instead of getting discouraged, they decided to clean it again to demonstrate that they care for this place and to inspire people to do the same.

Even though it was very hot, they managed to do a good job and they attracted the attention of some people passing by. With hopes that this may help people maintaining the area nice and clean, they made a sign.

It was a tiring but great experience that helped them to unite and to clarify a few things; even though all of them were busy with school work and various other difficulties, they still wanted to dedicate some of their time for the greater good.

In this way they wanted to put the beautiful ideal of Unificationism into praxis and lead by example.

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