UPF New Zealand joins South Waikato Startup Expo 2015

UPF New Zealand: UPF was invited to participate in the Start up and Living Expo 2015 held at the South Waikato Sports and Event Center, on June 15, 2015. The chairwoman of the organizing committee, Mrs Tracey Dean is UPF newly appointed Ambassador for Peace. There were about 54 exhibitors and it was the first time that UPF was invited to join this yearly event.

The event has attracted about 1500 students and faculty members from the various schools in the Waikato Region. UPF NZ staff setup a beautiful booth filled with various UPF materials and literatures. The staff also gave away a free book of True Father’s Autobiography.

Many came to the UPF booth and learn what UPF is all about and some were even so eager to take part and be involved with UPF’s programs and activities. It was truly a successful event and the organizers were so happy that UPF managed to participate in this year’s Expo.

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