UN International Day of Families in Latvia

UPF Latvia: The UN International Day of Families was celebrated in Latvia on May 24, 2015. The special event related to the Date was held at the Peace Embassy in Riga, together with the programs in relation to the UN International Day of Parents, which is celebrated in June.

Latvian members prepared for that Date through fulfilling the 40-day special condition with sincere commitment in connection to the Heavenly Fortune that True Mother brought to Europe in the middle of May.

Several Peace Ambassadors and new student-guests attended the event together with the members. To start with, three students helped creating the positive atmosphere by their music and beautiful songs in Latvian and Korean languages. After the welcoming address delivered by Dr. Ando, president of the UPF Latvia, the

MC of the event, Janis Valters, gave a brief report about the UPF activities in Latvia.

A special guest, Mrs. Bite, the current Congress member in Latvia, spoke about importance of the family, with examples from the Bible. She was very positive about the UPF movement and pointed out some valuable directions in our teaching. Finally, Janis Vjaters offered his interesting Power Point presentation on “The Family as a School of Love.” All participators were greatly impressed by the program, which was followed by the friendly sharing. We felt that God’s providence in Latvia is gradually progressing.

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