UN International Day of Cultural Diversity and Dialog

WFWP UK, by Dolores Read: WFWP South London commemorated the UN Int’l Day of Cultural Diversity and Dialog, on June 10, 2015, with the purpose of getting to know the diverse community.

As part of a series of listening to successful Asian Women, we had invited Yasmin Sheikh, an Asian lady from East Africa.

After living there for 23 years she came to Britain where she initially became a Primary School teacher in Leicester and in London.

After that she became an Advisory teacher for English as a Second Language in Croydon and an adviser for multicultural Education in Merton.

During that time she was invited to participate in committees that were looking to cater for the linguistic needs of immigrant children in schools across England and Wales.

She was also invited by Shirley Williams, then Labour Member of Parliament, to serve on the Rampton Committee, which became the Swann committee of Education.

In 1979 she was invited to a Garden Tea Party in Buckingham Palace for her work. Later on, she was invited by the BBC to contribute to stories for children and the program ‘The Way of Life’, as well as to Asian radio programs.

In 1991 she was working on the compilation of ‘Not so Silent’ Profiles of successful Asian Women.

Currently, she is working in the House of Lords giving Community Awards to women who have been working for integration and diversity in their local community and to support different charities financially.

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