Pure love club Launched in Uganda

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YFWP – Uganda (Youth Federation for World Peace) launched Pure Love Club on June 6, 2015. This event was held in “Peace High School”, which is a school owned by a blessed family member. This school has promoting Divine Principle education to all the students.

There were 50 participants. A beautiful song of purity performed by Pure Love Club member purified our hearts and energized everyone. After that Mrs. Rutangye Nagudi, the wife of the director of the school gave the opening remarks.

Then Mr. Ssuuna James, president of YFWP Uganda spoke to participants encouraging them to have principled lifestyle, becoming a good example of sexual purity in the school and in the society.

Later, the director of the school invited the YFWP leaders to return to the school for the Divine Principle workshop for the pure love club members.

This was the first Pure Love event and we believe there will be more pure love activities from now on. We have hope that very soon these young people will be upgraded to full time members of YFWP and the Unification Church at large.

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