Study Brochure 1: The Principle of Creation 

FFWPU Europe, by Oivind Haugen and Achim Pock: We are happy to announce the completion of the newest part of the Divine Principle study brochures series – Part 1: The Principle of Creation

It is now available in English as a printed A5 brochure. Soon also a German edition will be available.

The intention behind the making of this 6-part series of illustrated study brochures is to have an attractive tool of good quality (content and design) for our Tribal-Messiah and outreach work – a medium to create interest and initiate exchange of thoughts about the Divine Principle with friends and relatives. The first prototypes of these printed booklets have been received well and are in use already in several European countries and in the USA.

For ordering information, please contact Oivind Haugen:

The booklets look best in their printed form, for which they were originally intended. The online preview, which you find under the links, is an additional way to share these materials with others.

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