Russia: International Days’ Events and Seminar for the Teachers


FFWPU Russia: International Day of Families in Novosibirsk and Ryazan

The discussion and seminar on “Family and Goals of sustainable development” was held on May 16, 2015. Among the participants were young people, leaders and representatives of socially-oriented NGOs. The main topic of discussion was the issues related to the role and impact of the family institution on personal development, and world peace. Dmitry Oficerov, Secretary General of UPF, Siberian chapter, presented two slide presentations – “Family Values and world peace in the 21st century”, and “The family as a school of love and peace.”

Panelists tried to assess how our society encourages a culture of marriage and family. Of high concern is the fact that although in the federal mass media they often discuss problems of “unfortunate” families, there are no programs about successful and happy families.

On June 1, there will be the UN World Day of Parents. We in Russia are celebrating the Children’s Day, on June 1, so the value of the Date will be double. The participants of the discussion decided to hold the advocating family event dedicated to this date.

Holiday dedicated to the International Day of Families was held in Ryazan regional children’s library May 15, 2015. Celebration was held in a warm atmosphere. Participants spoke about the value and importance of families and the need of good relations between the people, the members of the global family. To confirm, the participants cited proverbs and sayings.

The participants of the festival practiced in good deeds to support the conclusion that, doing good to someone you are sure to receive back the reward from other people.

The International Day of Parents

In 2000, at the UN Headquarters, Dr. Sun Myung Moon proposed to establish the International Day of Parents. Thirteen years passed, and the delegates of the UN General Assembly called on nations of the world to celebrate the International Day of Parents, on June 1.

In this regard, Ambassadors for Peace in Novosibirsk decided to conduct a study with the purpose to measure the state of peace in the family.

The shopping center “Siberian Mall”, where there was a concert for families, the citizens could measure the “temperature” of peace in their families. Using the chart on the poster, the guests of the festival tried to evaluate the level of children’s, brotherly-sisterly, conjugal and parental love. Very often, the participants found it difficult to identify their love for parents and their children’s love for them. As a result, we came to the conclusion that the fundamental relationships between parents and children needed support, and that here quite essential could be the education programs about the four realms of heart, and children’s, brotherly-sisterly, conjugal, and parental love.

The International Peace Marathon: Moscow-Minsk

On the eve of the International Children’s Day, May 31, 2015, starting from the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, from the mark “0” kilometer, the unique Youth Track-and-Field Marathon “Memory and Glory – 70!”, related to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, is launched.

The main objectives are: patriotic, spiritual and physical education of children and youth, strengthening the historical fraternal friendship of the peoples of Russia and Belarus, promotion of healthy lifestyle.

The route of the Marathon is laid along the battle sites where the way of the fascist hordes was blocked by the manifested solidarity, courage and sacrifice of the multinational Soviet people. MOSCOW – Krasnogorsk – Sneghiri – Mozhaisk – Borodino – Gagarin – Vyazma – Dorogobuzh – Smolensk – Orsha – Mogilev – Bobruisk – Slutsk – Nesvizh – Ivatsevichi – Kobrin – BREST – MINSK.

Among the team members of the run “Memory and Glory – 70!” there are 30 young representatives from different parts of Russia: Moscow, Bryansk, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, and Smolensk regions. Eight young Muscovites aged 6 to 17 are also participating in the Marathon. Experienced marathoners and teachers are helping the young athletes to overcome the marathon distance.

The initiator and organizer of the marathon, “Memory and Glory – 70!” are the Moscow Regional Public Organization “Super-marathoners for a healthy lifestyle” and the Universal Peace Federation. The action “Memory and Glory – 70!” is held within the framework of the traditional Children and Youth Athletics Marathon “Children against drugs – I choose sports!”, under the patronage of the Federal Service for Drug Control and the Russian Athletics Federation. The event is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Belarus. The Moscow stage of the Marathon is supported by the Government of Moscow and the Moscow Sport Committee.

Seminar for Sunday school teachers

The annual workshop for Sunday school teachers was held in Moscow at the Peace Embassy, on May 29 and 30, 2015. The program was attended by teachers and educators responsible for working with the second generation that came from Ufa, Yekaterinburg, St. Peterbuge, Kazan, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Ryazan, and Moscow.

All delegates presented their annual reports about the work with children. Alexei Savelyev, the National Leader of Russia, addressed the participants of the meeting. He stressed the importance of working with the children of the second generation for the future, not only of our Movement, but also for the whole country and the world.

Thereafter, the participants discussed the practical plans for the next year, opportunities for development and cooperation, the problems hampering the joint fruitful activity. They suggested concrete steps for the harmonious interaction and providing the opportunity to all children and families to actively participate in various programs, depending on their geographic location and the financial situation. Elena Kalmatskaya, leader of the Second Generation Department in Russia, presented the “Road map” strategy of working with the children of the second generation, from an early age to their Blessing.

Communication in the framework of the seminar contributed to the fact that the teachers and educators responsible for the work with the second generation got to know each other better; this will be important for enhancing productive work during the school year.

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