Romania: 2-Day Divine Principle Advanced Seminar

FFWPU Romania, Bucharest, Romania, May 30-31 2015: The CARP members from Romania are happy to bring in front of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, the JeongSung and realizations of our second 2 Days Advanced Divine Principle Workshop of this year 2015 (taking place on the 30th-31st of May 2015 in the Peace Embassy, Bucharest). The number of participants was smaller than last time but it was such a joy to see their curiosity and enthusiasm as we went through topics such as God’s plan for humankind and the Ideal of Creation, the motivation and consequences of the Human Fall as reflected in the state of our society, the Providence of Restoration throughout history, the Cain-Abel relationship and the Realms of Heart, the meaning of the Second Advent and our own personal involvement as God’s sons and daughters, representatives and central figures, but also the care and parental heart of the CARP members that helped as staff.

It was truly a beautiful experience as each brought their questions to the table, the general atmosphere being very opened and encouraging.

One of our participant’s reflection and our won hope that she can build her new life on these principles gives the real value of the event: “First of all, I am very glad that I decided to participate in the 2-Day Advanced DP Workshop because I got to know beautiful people and to be surrounded by the most proper environment. I found out a lot more about the Divine Principle and it made me ask myself a lot of questions throughout the presentations and also receive a lot of answers when we had free talks.

Since a young age I found myself thinking about the purpose of life, like why was I born? Why do I need to live? When do I matter to the world? Now, after some time, slowly, step by step, I find answers. Even if now I only have a sketch of what my calling is, my purpose becomes clearer as I learn about the Divine Principle. I always think that God is guiding me with every step and if I have the right attitude I make the right choices, the good I do for others will return to me when I least expect it.

After realizing I was having wrong thoughts a few years ago, I have been trying to change myself and even if they were small steps I took them, and because God was guiding me they were the right steps and apparently He also guided me here, to meet the right people, that can guide me from now on. I hope that I get the chance to develop myself and my basic knowledge while I’m here I hope to meet all kinds of people and culture, to find out more about the differences between humans and meet the right people. I can confidently say that CARP is like an open door and also a door opener. I feel extremely grateful for being here and for participating in the activities.”(Stefania).

On the first day of the workshop, during the lunch break-time, in between the Divine Principle lectures, we also organized a small ceremony during which the CARP members received CARP t- shirts (with the logo in the front, and back message: discover, experience, challenge!) and we feel that a different atmosphere was created, more unified, with the feeling of being connected more to each other.

In a way we hope to give the CARP members a stronger sensitivity towards their mission, a warmer family feeling and also the responsibility for creating the team-spirit that can really enable us to include the others and see them from God’s point of view.

The style of the lectures, which were given by our national leader, Mr. Jeong Bong Moon, combined deeper, more heartistic explanations for the topics approached and discussions between the participants, elder members and STF members, through which they could all express their own opinion, open their internal senses to the others’ universe of heart and understanding and ask the questions that needed a more practical perspective. We are very grateful to say that this way of lecturing, that opens the path for the attendants’ active participation is not just interesting but also very effective.

We hope that by the end of this Jeon Do condition and before starting the summer activities, to be able to organize a third Advanced 2-day workshop and prepare well the students, our brothers and sisters, for the next step of growth in their spiritual lives.

Thank you so much dear Heavenly Father and True Parents for your love, support and endless hope.

With a heart of gratitude, Romania CARP family, we are learning and growing together! Thank you so much for your sincere investment and heart! Thank you Heavenly Parents and True Parents!

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